The Innkeepers

Marion (pictured left), Bob and Ruth Ann Lund will be your hosts during your stay at Oakenwald. Marion is the owner of Oakenwald Terrace and will serve as your tour guide, historian, and storyteller. Bob and Ruth Ann run the business side of the bed and breakfast, serving in a variety of roles ranging from gourmet chefs to plumbers (generally not at the same time.)

A bit of history about the Lunds

For most of the thirty years that Marion Lund has lived at Oakenwald Terrace, she knew that the house would some day be a Bed & Breakfast. It was Marion and her late husband Shelby’s plan for a time later in life when they decided to slow down. Regretfully, Shelby did not live long enough to see the transformation, but his presence can still be felt through the fine furnishings and arrangements both inside the home and in the gardens. Shelby and Marion purchased Oakenwald Terrace in November of 1973. From that time until the opening of Oakenwald Terrace as a Bed and Breakfast in Fall 2003, the home served as an assisted living home. During this 30-year span, Marion and her wonderful home saw to the needs of over 135 elderly residents. Marion has also been the visionary behind the renovations, updates and additions to Oakenwald Terrace. As you will find during your visit, Marion is a bit of a collector. In addition to her two hundred pair of shoes, she has wonderful collections of antiques, dishes, silverware, musical instruments, stories… and much more.

Bob and Ruth Ann Lund, son and daughter in-law of Marion, both graduated from high school in Chatfield. After college, Bob worked for many years as a Professor and NCAA Division III softball coach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob coerced Ruth Ann into going back to college to play softball for him (she had already finished a Music degree from Gustavus Adolphus College) and after using up her eligibility, Ruth Ann found that in addition to her several athletic awards, she had an Electrical Engineering degree.

Ruth Ann had just finished her Masters in Engineering Management, and both were in the middle of engineering careers when in September of 2000 Marion fell and broke her hip. After thorough consideration of their options… over at least a 48-hour period… Bob and Ruth Ann quit their jobs, sold their house and, in October, were back in Chatfield to stay. Ruth Ann went to work helping Marion in the assisted living business while Bob has worked ever since in an engineering sales position with the Fastenal Company in nearby Winona, MN.

Bob and Ruth Ann have two boys, Tyler and Payton. Although it may seem as though they are always at Oakenwald, Bob, Ruth Ann and the boys have their own home in Chatfield.

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