The Rooms

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Mrs. Lovell’s Room : $175

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Ellen Lovell built her dream home and laid quick claim to the only bedroom on the first floor. If you appreciate the beautiful woodwork in the common areas you will love the elaborate woodwork that Mrs. Lovell picked out for her own private space. This luxurious room features one of the four original fireplaces of the house along with a full-size sitting area, comfortable queen sized bed with magnificent head and footboard carved circa 1850, and a full private bath.

The Round Room : $195

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The Round Room features a unique round wall including rounded glass in the windows! It’s a lovely room that Mrs. Lovell reserved for her guests. This room is under the bell shaped dome at the front of the house overlooking Winona Street. You will be delighted with the larger than king-size bed and grandiose, matching armoire. Bathtub with shower.

Frink’s Room : $155

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Frink’s Room is decorated in beautiful blue hues with a large yet cozy sitting area. This room belonged to Mrs. Lovell’s only son – Frink. The handsome queen-size bed and matching dressers are hand detailed in gold and black. Private bathroom with shower.

The Blue Room : $140

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The Blue Room was actually part of the servants’ quarters but is still larger than a standard bedroom and has a walk-in closet! Working for the Lovell’s must have been a coveted post. Private bathroom with tub and shower.

Terrace View : $195

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If you are the type of person who appreciates a cup of morning coffee while watching the sunrise from the deck, this is definitely the room for you. Terrace View is a large, wonderfully adorned room containing a private bathroom with shower. From this room, you step out onto the magnificent 2nd level deck, which has a bridge adjoining the deck to the second level terrace in the back yard!

Doll Room : $120

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This 3rd floor get-a-way features the owner’s doll collection. The wonderful roof angles frame the delightful collection that surrounds the room. The room boasts an antique fainting couch and a handcrafted bed built circa 1850 revised to accommodate a queen-size arrangement.

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