Current Special: Christmas at Oakenwald!

Christmas Special From the end of November until the end of January, Oakenwald is transformed into a Christmas season paradise. Whether it is a weekend away with that special someone, or a gathering for the entire family, a stay during “Christmas at Oakenwald” will become an annual event.
A special note to all the men reading this… if you have trouble finding that perfect gift for your favorite lady, you will be amazed at how well this goes over. You will reap the awards of this gift for months to come. (…and we promise you will like it too!)

Our Packages

We have several packaged options available to make your stay even more memorable. If you have an idea of something we can do for you that is not listed on this page, call us and we will make it happen. Business travelers, ask about the availability of our midweek specials.

The “Honey I Love You” Package

The “Honey I Love You Package, which doubles as the “honey I’m sorry” package, includes flowers and gourmet chocolates. Let us know at least a week ahead of your arrival and we will have anything from a small bouquet of flowers and some gourmet truffles waiting for you to a dozen red roses for every year the two of you have been together. (Or anything in-between)
$30 and up


Dinner for two: If you are staying with us on a weekend, treat yourself to one of the most impressive meals you have had in ages. You will dine like royalty. This seven-course meal, with entrees like prime rib and grilled salmon, is served on fine china with real silverware and wine out of silver goblets. Plan on spending at least two hours around the dinner table for this feast. ($100 per couple)

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